MK3A Control Panel

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  • MK3A Control Panel

    High quality pushbuttons, rotary encoders, analogue axis controls

  • MK3A Control Panel

    Replaceable sticker labels and button caps

Powered by arduino

Got 3 axis, 3 rotary encoders, 17 pushbuttons, 4 safeswitches, three-position pushback toggle switch, 4-positions rotary switch, 6 toggle switches, which makes 32 buttons + 2 hats + 3 axis to control your ship.

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Replaceable labels

All replaceable labels printered labels. All you need is a printer, self adhesive paper and transparent tape.

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ADC12 Aluminium alloy

ADC12 alluminum alloy be widely used the casting products, metalic machines and other motormobiles.

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